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Performances in our portfolio

We are happy to come to your stage or greet you at our theater or, weather permitting, with these outdoor performances.

Our repertoire

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Director, set designer Žilvinas Ramanauskas, song arranger Gediminas Žilys

…. I follow a fairy tale - a wolf swallows a hawk…
       - actors singing like this - wandering musicians find themselves in the magical city of Emerald on a special night - when the beast begins  fairy tales to tell!  And what shall the Silhouette bear, the goat with the horns to the heavens, the Owl and the other inhabitants of the forest? How will actors sing forest life? Will children and parents manage to go to the forest? And the riddle of the Owl Shame?  

You will see this in a theatrical concert  A FAIRY TALE based on Lithuanian folk songs about animals performed live by actors, playing various instruments, and children are involved in the action - making music, remembering riddles, going to the Sun, etc. :)

Director Žilvinas Ramanauskas. 3 professional performers sing - Dalia Mikoliūnaitė and Žilvinas Ramanauskas, and Gediminas Žilys, who plays together.

For children under 12 years. and the whole family!

The total duration is about 45 minutes.

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