2017-04-11 LABAS 2017 coming soon
LABAS - International theatre festival for early age audiences will happen in Vilnius and Anykščiai 23-29th of April, 2017. We suggest performances, educational programes, meeting, trainings for teachers  - 32 eevents during a week! Programe below - need registration to the events.

LABAS! 2017
International Theatre Festival for early years audiences - to research, to share, to celebrate!


10.00 TEAPOTS / Teatriukas / Acting up ! / (Library) Lithuania- Ireland
11.00, 12.30 WAAW! Joeri Wens (Design room) / Flanders part (Belgium)
11.30, 12.30 BUB BLES workshop Yael Batenosh (Outside space) Israel
12.00 OPENING SPEECHES AND SMILE A WHILE ENSEMBLE (A.Novikas’ Jazz School, group lead by Martynas
12.30 STORYTELLING / Joe Brennan (Library) / Ireland
13.00 GREEN SHOOTS / Teatriukas (Upstairs) / Lithuania
14.00 NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T / Vilnius Theatre “LĖLĖ” / in “LĖLĖ” Theatre Arklių str. 5 /Lithuania

MONDAY 24th April
10.00 BUBBLES workshop / Yael Batenosh (EUROPE square Outside Vilnius Municipality) / Israel
10.30 Theatre activity/ Klaipėda puppet theatre / Vilnius Municipality / Lithuania
11.30 – 13:30 MEETING We make things happen! - arts managers, artists, teachers with Jackie Maguire and Cliodhna
Noonan / Vilnius Municipality / Lithuania / Ireland

TUESDAY 25th April
10.30 GOAT AND SEVEN GOATLINGS IN PARIS / V. N. Mazūrai at Teatriukas studio / Lithuania
10.00 Object theatre workshop / Karolina Žernytė “Theatre of senses” / VIS School
16.30 Movie theater “PASAKA” Vilnius Baby animation program and workshop Emily Kamarinopoulou -The Little
Foxes, baby theater company / Greece

10.00 STORYTELLING / Joe Brennan / Anyksciai public library / Ireland
10:30 BUBBLES workshop / Yael Batenosh (Outside the Anykščiai Culture Centre)/ Israel
11.00 CUCU/ La Piccionaia, Centro di Produzione Teatrale / Anykščiai Culture Centre / Italy
11.30 ON THE SAND / Voicu Hetel / Anykščiai Chapel / Romania
12.00 Object theatre workshop Karolina Žernytė “Theatre of senses”/ Anyksciai School/ Lithuania

10:00 GREEN SHOOTS / Teatriukas / Culture Centre in Troskūnai / Lithuania

FRIDAY 28th April
10.00, 11.30 THINGS TO WEAR / Theaterhaus Ensemble at M.K.Čiurlionis Arts school Concert Hall / Germany
10.30 , 14.30 CUCU / La Piccionaia, Centro di Produzione Teatrale / National M.Mažvydas Library HUB / Italy
10.00 and 11.00 STORYTELLING / Joe Brennan / M.Mažvydas National Library Children literature dep. / Ireland
10.00 ON THE SAND /Voice Hetel / TEATRIUKAS studio / Romania
13.30 ON THE SAND /Voice Hetel / Arts printing house / Romania
15.00-17.30 Workshop for teachers with Ketti Grunchi / Arts printing house / Italy

SATURDAY 29th April
10.30 THINGS TO WEAR/ Theaterhaus Ensemble at M.K.Čiurlionis Arts school Concert Hall / Germany
11.00 ON THE SAND / Voicu Hetel / Vilnius Teachers house / Romania
12.00 workshop for families Karolina Žernytė “Theatre of senses” / M.Mažvydas National library Children literature
dep. / Lithuania

Events are free of charge.
Registration (your name, age, telephone number, event date and title) for the event is required at
three days before the event.

Organizers of the event are Theatre “Teatriukas” and Theatre “Acting up!” Lithuania - Ireland
With support from: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Council for Culture
And the Irish, Israel and Romanian Embassies in Lithuania, the General Representative of the Government of Flanders
in Warshaw, the Goethe Institute in Vilnius, the Italian Cultural Institute in Vilnius, the Center for Civil Education,
M.Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius municipality, Anykščiai municipality, Troškūnai parish, Vilnius
Teachers House, M.K.Čiurlionis Arts School, the Arts Printing House, Movie Theater “PASAKA”, Hotel TILTO, UAB
With special thanks to volunteers - The American International School of Vilnius AISV and Vilnius Lyceum students


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