Žilvinas Ramanauskas

Birth date and place:1969 05 05, Kaunas, Lithuania
Nationality: Lithuanian
e-mail: zilvis@teatriukas.lt

Education: B.A. in Acting and Philology at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania 1997.

Professional involvement:
Actor in Vilnius University drama troupe “Minimum” 1990 – 1991;
Director of Panevežys Diocese Theater: directed the play “A birthday on Monday”,
based on H.C. Andersen's fairytale “Happy shoes” 1992 – 1993;
Actor in “Keistuoliai” theater in Vilnius 1997 – 1998;
Director of Vilnius Youth club “Justiniškių vaikų ir jaunimo klubas”1998 –
Worked as director at “Lietuvos Atgaja” children's summer camp1998 – 2001 and 2006;
Founded and still involved in the actors’ troupe “Teatriukas”, performing and singing
and directing for children and adults1998 – present;

Interests: writing music, painting, digital arts, video productions, IT, nature tourism.

Dreams and ambitions: to make a movie. To live in the countryside.

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