Lithuania is famous from ancient times for “Lithuanian gold” – amber. Already 13 thousands years ago, people in Lithuania had amber and were known for creating different goods from it and we especially recognized for amber jewelry.


The most famous amber piece Amber Chamber is considered to be the 8th Miracle of the World. It was created in 1701-1709 in Prussia (now Kaliningrad county near the Baltic Sea, part of Russia) and in 1716 was presented as a gift from the King of Prussia to the Russian Czar Peter the Great. The room’s walls were decorated by inlaid and inscribed amber.
Amber Chamber disappeared during chaos of the World War II. Nobody knows what happened to it by this day.
· To improve adaptability to changes.
· To apply effective methods of working in a team.
· To research decision-making process.
· To develop tolerance and knowledge of various personalities and cultures.
· To strengthen a feeling of a team in the company.
· To provoke creativity and interest in decision-making process and in working as a team.


Aim of the Game: to collect the Amber Chamber, which is broken into 27 pieces (boxes) and hidden, bring it to appointed place.

Process: Spectacular beginning with actors’ personages generates gripping atmosphere in the conference hall. Facilitators of the game announce that a trustworthy company (Your company) is assigned a very important mission – to find one of the Lithuania’s treasures, the Amber Chamber. The Amber Chamber mysteriously disappeared from Lithuania during the World War II. Now we know that this treasure is hidden in the area where the game is happening and is broken in 27 separate pieces (boxes). The teams need to search the area and find all the Amber Chamber pieces; otherwise the teams will be imprisoned in Lithuania forever.

Waiters (actors) distribute colorful signs to all group members. Then, everyone finds their color friends and a group of (number) people is divided into smaller teams. When the teams are formed, the game participants are handed all the necessary equipment such as maps, transportation, safety tools, paintball markers, etc. As teams decide who wants which piece of equipment, they assign roles to each other. 3 teams are further subdivided into 12 smaller teams (4 sub-teams in 1 color team). As the equipment is spread out in a team, team members need to decide who is going to be “Eagles – Analyzers”, “Tigers - Fighters”, “Beavers – Brokers” and “Spiders – Finders” of the team. When the roles are assigned and the equipment distributed, every team goes to its workstation and is introduced to the list of assignments and start to develop the strategy of the game. Everybody knows that there are 27 boxes of Amber Chamber and every team tries to find as much as bigger number of the boxes (Every team gets a list hints and tips which should help them to stay on the right way to their goal. The participants should choose their own way how to search Amber Chamber boxes using methods and equipment presented).

General Rules:
- Use your brain
- Trust your team
- Play safely
- Remember the mission
- Play as a team
- Keep these rules

Important is that all 4 sub-teams of one color team should work together and help each other and communicate very clear for good result. During this process, many unexpected events (changes) can happen such as the team runs out of gas when traveling to the required destination or the telephone connection disappears. During these emergencies, the informal leaders appear in a team. Also, the groups develop the feeling of the team as fast decisions need to be made and problems solved.

Each group has supervisors – delegated by event organizers – “Funny Bunnies” - who coordinate that the participants would closely follow the game rules and complete the game successfully.

The game ends when all 27 pieces (boxes) of the Amber Chamber are discovered. All groups bring pieces they find during the game together. Unexpected task for the all teams together - unlock the boxes and to make new creation – to put Amber Chamber puzzle together. Every person and every role is important to achieve this moment. A reflection period follows and the team-building specialists give their conclusions (under discussion, additional costs). Spectacular finish with actors’ personages. Groups receive prizes and souvenirs.

Please note that “Teatriukas” is willing to adjust the game rules upon the demand of the customer. So, the details of the game are open for discussion still.

· Puzzles
· Crosswords
· Orienteering/maps
· Paintball,
· Elements of the tourists’ competitions

· Maps
· Portable radios
· Paintball markers
· Transportation
· Overall
· Safety tools.

· Prizes: not included / Your choice
· Duration: 4 - 5 hours
· Place: Your choice.
· Price: depends on number of people and other circumstances.

If You have any specific requirements to this program, we are open to discuss them.


Public Institution “TEATRIUKAS”
Address: Aukstaiciu str. 7, Vilnius Lithuania
Person for contacts: manager Dalia Mikoliunaite
GSM: +370 686 04303

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