Children performances


A unique performance for the whole family, based on a book by A.Toigo.

„At first glance the life of a mouse seems rather ordinary....

....But a mouse may be surrounded by traps, and even then it doesn‘t feel hatred towards life.“

Try to imagine yourself in a small mouse-hole. Laugh, sing, be sad and scared with the mouse. It‘s interesting whether you‘ll feel bigger or smaller than a mouse...

Run-time: 45min
The performance is for mice of all ages and their families.
Creative group:
Director, artist - Žilvinas Ramanauskas
Actors - Dalia Mikoliūnaitė (Mouse), Žilvinas Ramanauskas (Mousy), Arturas Varnas (Mould)
Composer - Martynas Bialobžeskis, Žilvinas Ramanauskas
Author, sound Director - Kąstytis Narmontas
Costume designer - Dalia Pranckėnaitė
Consultant on cheese prop - Darius Mikšys.

Premiere: May 10, 2006, II International Theater For Children And Youth Festival „ASSITEJ“, Klaipeda.

Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Lithuania, Musical Theater, „New York“ Club, Printing House „Logotipas“.


Theatrical concert for all family with actors and Chamber Orchestra.


Actors and singers: the troupe Teatriukas. Music: Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: V.Lukočius. Composers: Žilvinas Ramanauskas and Indre Stakvilė.

Premiere: 2006 March 19, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic.


The performance is based on lithuanian writer Vytautas V. Landsbergis book “The Tales of Angels”. Run-time: 45 min.

Interactive performance for children ages 5 and older, as well as their parents. The Muse and two Angels, Mykolas and Gabrielius create the performance together with the audience.

The story addresses questions about the beginning, middle, and the end of the world, about time, talent and struggle with devious and playful human behavior, about the cowardice of bunnies, the rage of dragons, the hardships of crows, and the fascinating life of Angels.


Director, composer, artist: Z. Ramanauskas.

Performing: Teatriukas actors – Dalia Mikoliūnaitė (Muse), Žilvinas Ramanauskas (Angel Gabrielius), Arturas Varnas (Archangel Mykolas). Premiere – 2004 December 30.


It's a musical based on the Lithuanian folktale for children. This three-person performance runs forty-five minutes in length, and due to the easily movable scenery, can be performed outside as well as indoors. Numerous characters find voice in this story, songs are sung, and the players interact with the audience.
Subject: Three shepherds live amongst nature. They observe it, learn "the language of birds": imitate voices of birds and even act like birds. They quarrel, but the time evening rolls around, friendship and harmony is restored.

Dalia Mikoliūnaitė (Shepherdess, Hen)
Žilvinas Ramanauskas(Shepherd, always rising the first, Rooster)
Vaidas Lengvinas (“Shepherd, always rising the last, Another rooster)
Composer - Vaidas Lengvinas
Arranger - A.Kulikauskas
Artist - Ž.Ramanauskas

Premiere: 1998 November 22, the Vilnius Teacher’s House.


A musical based on known nowadays lithuanian writer J.Erlickas poetry. This three person play for children and adults alike 45 minutes, and can be performed in most settings.
Subject: Ramanauskas, a man who has never been bored, is forced to stay at home alone. The room is merely ceiling, floor, walls, window, doors and one simple green radiator. Suddenly, a mouse, a thief, a grandmother, a grandfather, a sailor and even the Eiffel tower appear... It is a creative performance, with both pantomime and songs, and contains many unexpected situations.

Director, artist, composer – Žilvinas Ramanauskas. Actors: Dalia Mikoliūnaitė (Mouse, Old Lady from Paris, Court Friend), Žilvinas Ramanauskas (Ramanauskas), Arturas Varnas (Thief, Old Man, Court Friend).

The performance premiered in March 1999.

This performance was created with financial support from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and the Open Society Fund.


45 minutes dramatic concert for children and their parents written in light of teh poetry of known lithuanian writers V.Palcinskaite and J.Erlickas. Song and drama are integrated as well as audience participation.

Actors: Dalia Mikoliūnaitė, Žilvinas Ramanauskas, Arturas Varnas. Director, composer - Žilvinas Ramanauskas.

Premiere: 1999 December 11, Vilnius‘ Park Vingis.


A 45 minutes musical for children based on G.Rodari (famous italian writer) fairytales, including interaction with children in the audience.
Subject: The story highlights non-traditional communication between father and daughter.
"In a town called Varese lived a man named Bianchi. He traveled constantly for his job, and came home only Sunday evening. In order to please his daughter Bianchi would telephone her every night and tell her a fairytale. However, the telephone operators soon found their work terribly difficult because they were so entertained by these fairytales that they would nightly overhear. The stories were, it is said, unbelievably fascinating... ".

Director, composer, artist, also playing and singing in the performance, Žilvinas Ramanauskas.
Actors: Dalia Mikoliūnaitė (Doughter Bimba), Arturas Varnas (Father Bianchi), Žilvinas Ramanauskas (Nonsense Žilberto).

Premiere: 2001 October 1, National Drama Theater, Small Hall (festival-competition “Theatre for Children”).

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