In May 2004 Teatriukas performed for the Lithuanian community in St.Kazimier‘s Church and Nothingham Culture House (London, Great Britain) with “Tricks of Little Shepherds“.

In March of 2004 International Theater Day was held in Vilnius for the first time. Teatriukas and Senamiesčio teatras, together with International Youth Collaboration agency, organized a project called “Creative youth initiative and non-formal education in Lithuania”. The guests of the project, the culture representatives from 15 European countries, also participated in the Theater Day auction – in Vilnius’ Rotušė and Europa squares theater fans were integrated into the European Theater community.

In May 2004 Teatriukas and Pikaverus celebrated the opening of their retreat center in Dienavagiai village in Molėtai district., 40 km from Vilnius. During the event, Teatriukas performed a concert, and marked the 100th anniversary of S. Dali’s birthday. The guests at the event were Teatriukas’ friends, moral and financial supporters.

In 2003 and 2004, in “Teatriukas Hall 33", the actors hosted children’s film studio "Prieplauka" classes. Loreta, the leader of the studio, organized educational-creative classes for children of 3-7 years old every Saturday. As an outcome, there was a video filmed about Užiukai that live in Užupis.

In August 2004 Teatriukas recorded a new song, called "The World is Smiling to Us”. Music and lyrics written by Ž.Ramanauskas.

In 2004 Teatriukas’ performances “Tricks of Little Shepherds”, “Let it be Amusing”, “Merry-Go-Round in the Country” were released as CDs. You can find these recordings in the biggest shopping centers, and in Teatriukas’ Hall. Thanks to private supporters for help while releasing the CDs.

On the ocasion of its 5th birthday, on October of 2004, Teatriukas organized "Ponds music", a program including songs sung by the actors, a concert by "Atalyja", a presentation by the children's cinema studio "Prieplauka", and an improvised exibition by artists working in pond's reanimation.

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