The performance for children "Let it Be Amusing" premiered in March 1999. This performance was created with financial support from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and the Open Society Fund.

The first Teatriukas concert for adults "I Will Cry", ran during the International Festival "Vilnius Days '99". The piece is based on J.Erlickas' poetry. The concert took place in the yard of Barbora Radvilaitė.

In April 1999 Teatriukas participated in a children's theater festival and contest, and won the Vilnius Municipality prize for the performance "Tricks of Little Shepherds".

In April 1999 Teatriukas performances won hight praise in a children's theater festival "Kaukutis" in Kretinga (Lithuania).

In the autumn of 1999 Teatriukas collaborated with sound record studio "Muzikine partija" and recorded "Tricks of Little Shepherds", "Let it Be Amusing", "Merry-go-round in the Country".

Teatriukas celebrated it's first anniversary in November 1999. This impressive event began with a sailing trip down the Vilnele river to the larger river Neris passing under 10 bridges along the way, and concluded with a concert in the Vilnius Teacher's House.

In 1999-2000 Teatriukas initiated and participated in the project "One Hundred Steps", a program aimed at preventing juvenile crime, supported by the Vilnius city district director. The project coincided with a performance created together with participating kids.

In the same year Teatriukas participated in a program supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, which included children from boarding - schools, underprivileged families, sanatoriums, and schools for the deaf.

Since 1999, Teatriukas has participated in projects organized by Vilnius Ethno Center, including: "Celebration of the Equinox", meetings with Santa Claus, Easter festivals, the children's folk festival "The Little Sun" and the masquerade party "Vilnius Days" on September.

At the end of each year Teatriukas Santa Claus visits a lot of children and their parents.

Because the Teatriukas actors met and studied at Vilnius University, on the 1st of September they organize a first -year student initiation. In October 1999 Teatriukas took part in the "Filologijos beržui 60", festival, and in summer 2003, 2004, 2005 they sang during Vilnius University Lithuanian philology courses.

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